Writing for Free Pays

April 27, 2016 | Writing for free can be a useful first step to paid success.

You’ve decided you want to start writing for magazines, but without experience and clips to highlight that experience, you find it difficult to break into the business. How can you possibly gain exposure and experience if no one will hire you without those two things?

The Importance of the Apology

March 31, 2016 | The power of an apology.

Have you ever had your feelings hurt by the words or actions of another? Sure you have – we all have. It’s part of the human experience. We’ve all endured the pain of someone saying or doing something unkind to us, or at least unkind according to our personal interpretations.

Creative life and frustration

January 25, 2016 | Stand firm against disappointment and persevere through frustration.

Learning to endure disappointment and frustration is part of the job of a creative person.

Weight obsessed an observation

November 25, 2015 | Not losing your mind in a weight-obsessed society.

Have you heard the reports lately about how, in spite of all the information that’s been given to Americans about how to stay fit, we’ve been getting bigger? Are you surprised?

want vs. WANT

September 25, 2015 | Put the work into what you want and you'll likely get it.

You know the expression or saying, “you can do anything you want to do”, or variations of that statement? How do you feel about the validity of that statement? I think, in case you were wondering, it is spot on correct, but only if you fully understand the value and parameters of the key word: want.

Fear and Worry breaking the grip

September 6, 2015 | Don't let worry keep you in chains or rob you of joy.

Fear is not a shield. Fear is a hammer to the nail of pain. And worry is a completely useless activity.