Eight fun things to do this summer without going far

You don't need to spend much money or travel far to enjoy your summer.

Eight fun things to do this summer that are cheap or free! And with gas prices the nightmare they are right now, doing things close to home is a definite plus.

Ride a bike. How long has it been since you dusted off your bike? If you’re like me, it’s been a long time indeed. Go for a spin in your neighborhood or a nearby park. I love walking and riding through Golden Gate Park, but some people like to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to nearby Sausalito and other trails.

man in red shirt riding bicycle on road during daytime

Take a hike. Going to the redwoods or Yosemite or any mountain area are wonderful places to hike, but try hiking in your local area. You might be surprised how much fun it can be. And you don’t have to drive far. In my city of San Francisco, there are so many places to hike or walk in the city itself. Places that offer gorgeous views (such as Land’s End), or long flat strolls on the beach or through Golden Gate Park.

person hiking above mountain overlooking river

Walking tour. Many cities offer walking tours. They are often run by volunteers through libraries, for example. And they’re great ways to find out more about the history of your city as well as the architecture. I took one in my neighborhood and was thrilled and surprised by all the history in one little area. Who knew?

woman wearing gray top walking on sidewalk during daytime

Fly a Kite. It seems like a silly little thing to do as an adult, but you’d be surprised at how such a simple thing can take you away from life and reality for a while. Something we all need from time to time. Find a large open space or the beach (of course) and have fun!

green and yellow kite on air

Get on the water. You can boat or swim or fish, so many things to do on the water. But have you ever gone to a nearby lake that rents pontoons? They’re large floating “boats” where you can spend a couple of hours with friends and/or family laughing, swimming, and all-around having a good time. They usually fit at least 15 people, maybe more.

brown wooden dock near brown trees during daytime

Plant a garden. Toss the gloves and get into that dirt with your hands. Plant flowers, food, or any plants. There’s something almost magical about watching your own garden and plants come to life right before your eyes. Plus there are microbes in the soil that stimulate serotonin production when inhaled. What?!

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding bouquet of flowers

Balloon fight. I mean honestly, when was the last time you engaged in a water balloon fight? Probably when you were a kid, or maybe in college. Some of the best times are made while doing the silliest activities. It’s a great way to stay cool without running a sprinkler for those of us in drought states.

person holding balloons

Read books. Of course I’d suggest this last one. What kind of writer/author wouldn’t? But honestly, most people don’t make enough time for reading. Summer is your chance to squeeze in some reading. You can read at the beach, in a tent while camping, or in your backyard under an umbrella, to name a few places. Anywhere is a good place to pull out a book and be swept away!

Whatever activities you choose to do this summer, be safe, have fun, and make some amazing memories!

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