Ten Shows To Stream Right Now

While books are wonderful, streaming shows and movies is also quite enjoyable.

Ten shows to stream right now:

Hello dear readers,

Here is a short list of ten fantastic shows you should be streaming right now (in my opinion) if you haven’t already. These all happen to be on Netflix except for one.

As much as I love to read, I also love movies and shows. Entertaining and so much fun.

I could, of course, go on and on with so many suggestions of shows or movies and documentaries, but I’ll stop here today.

Grab your popcorn and a drink and enjoy!

1-No Tomorrow. A romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy. This is a feel-good, fun, light show with characters I found engaging and adorable.

2-The Sinner- Gritty and engaging. It hooks you right away and holds on until the end.

3-Vikings- Loved this series so much! I can’t even explain it, but it’s a must-see for sure. Trust me. (History Channel and Amazon)

4-Broadchurch- Excellent British show that never falls short. Investigative and mystery.

5-The Kominsky Method- A fun and entertaining show with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Comedy!

6-Virgin River- Sweet and romantic.

7-Marcella- Gritty, intense, and definitely captivating.

8-You- Not scary, but creepy and oddly engaging. I can’t fully explain why so many of us loved this show, considering we are following a murderer. But he’s likable and we often “understand” him. Hard to explain, just watch it.

9-Sweet Magnolias- Engaging, sweet, and really likable. Looking forward to the 2nd season!

10-The Last Kingdom- This is an excellent series, much like Vikings listed above. A must-see for sure. Never a boring moment!!

There are so many more (so many!), but as I said, I’ll stop here. Some of these are old, but it makes no difference. They are all still excellent.

BONUS: Ozark with Jason Bateman. It’s amazing and fully engaging. You won’t be disappointed. A gritty and intense ride!

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy reading!

Inspirational quote:

_“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”—_Marcus Aurelius

Book Recommendation/suggestion:

The Light We Lost

Excellent! I often hear people say they couldn’t put a book down and I roll my eyes at the cliché, or overused review description. But…I could not put this book down, finishing it in two days.

The writing was tight (my favorite) and paced to move you through the story fast (also my favorite). Well-developed characters that pull you into their lives and hold you there until the end. Lucy, Gabe and Darren are real and likable in spite of (or maybe because of) the choices they make.

Just for fun, strange and interesting vocabulary word from the word nerd:


Meaning: A person who can’t be trusted.

Use: Most politicians are snollygosters.

This word is perfect for its meaning. Its very pronunciation sounds like its meaning.

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