want vs. WANT

Put the work into what you want and you'll likely get it.

You know the expression or saying, “you can do anything you want to do”, or variations of that statement? How do you feel about the validity of that statement? I think, in case you were wondering, it is spot on correct, but only if you fully understand the value and parameters of the key word: want.

You can want something or you can WANT something. Yes, all caps, because that is the want that will achieve.

I may (and do!) want to be able to go running for great periods of time, over all types of terrain without getting out of breath. But I want it in that way where we want something only under the condition it magically happens to us. I don’t want it to the degree I will spend hours training my body for this form of punishment. Ahem, I mean exercise. I will allow any and all obstacles to derail my progress, sending me back to square one, exercising but not pushing. I must be happy there or I would WANT with more passion and vigor, right?

Another example, I want to play the violin and speak several languages. What have I done to make either of these wants come to fruition? Nothing. Oh, I poke around here and there, trying my hand at self-taught Italian, or daydreaming about the 3 \xbd years of Spanish classes I had years ago and never use. I simply want them, would accept them in a heartbeat. I don’t, however, want them bad enough to make them happen. See what I mean? I want not WANT.

As for the WANTING, that’s the kind that almost guarantees you’ll achieve what you WANT. I have that, too. I WANT to be a successful writer down to my bones, my soul. So I do what is necessary to make that happen. That means not allowing obstacles (and there are many) stop me or derail my progress. When I “fall off the horse”, I’m back on without hesitation. A lot of people (and I mean a LOT) like to say they would love to be a writer, or they want to be a writer, but less than a quarter of those people really WANT that. Lay it at their feet, and they’ll happily scoop it up, but require they work tirelessly every day, charge past rejections on different levels and never stop writing and you are asking too much. They don’t feel it deep in their bones where not going after a thing isn’t an option.

So you see, you have to WANT something enough to stick with it no matter what stands in your way. That is the common denominator you will find with every individual who has found success in what they WANTED. It’s not just a desire, it’s almost a need. If you do the work, plow the field, forge your path, you will achieve what you WANT.

What do you WANT? Listen to your heart and soul then hold on to what you WANT with an unyielding grip and watch what happens.

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