Does tea make you a better writer?

The caffeine in tea is a helpful aid to the creative process for sure.

Does tea make you a better writer?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if simply imbibing in a cup of good tea made you so productive that you couldn’t help but create beyond your wildest limits all day long?

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Well, unfortunately, I don’t think that’s how it works. But I do find I write better with that caffeine boost, and that’s something, right?

I drink tea because I find it soothing, comforting. But I’ve come to realize that the caffeine in my cup of warm tea gives me a needed boost in thinking and more easily tapping into my imagination. I wouldn’t say I “need” tea to write, but it certainly helps me to be just that much more productive when I sit at the computer and let the words flow.

Whether you drink it hot or cold, tea is a helpful aid to the writer. In my experience. It’s not a magic bullet, but it helps. And as writers tapping away all day, don’t we need all the help in our creative process we can get?

Here is a link to a short video presentation on why caffeine does what it does to our brains. For the audio and visual learners.

The science of caffeine.

Writing is the kind of career that demands something of you at all times of the day or night. Poems, short stories, novels, and much more come from a place we can’t exactly escape: our minds. Unfortunately, we can’t always write when the epiphany hits, when the energy level is high. That’s what our cup of tea is for. An aid or stimulant to help us pull all that good stuff out of our minds and onto the page when we actually have the time instead of when we should be sleeping.

So, back to the question. Does tea make you a better writer? I think it might.

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“These Girls” by Sarah Pekkanen.

These Girls

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